Courtyard area

The buildings of Rannapargi are surrounded by closed and safe yard area. The traffic-free yard lets you enjoy peace and quiet in the green courtyard.

The courtyard will have a innovative playgroud, where the children can keep themselves busy here.  You can send your children to play in the yard, as they are monitored by yard security cameras with the online picture sent directly to your TV screen.


Kadriorg is secure, but the courtyard with recording video surveillance will be fenced for higher level of security.

Security locks

All three buildings include top-level security solutions. The phonolock systems with video have been installed to the main entrances. Everything has been done that you can peacefully commit to yourself and your family at home as well as away from there.

Underground parking

Your car has its own place in the underground parking lot. From the underground parking lot you can get comfortably and with dry feet to your apartment. Your electric car can be also charged here.

Interior decoration

The walls of the apartments are made of thick, 55- decibel soundproof concrete. Triple wooden aluminium windows meet the increased noise insulation requirements. The southern and western windows have also increased sun protection.

The apartments have high 2.7-metre ceilings, large ceramic tiles and high-quality natural parquet. Each home has a switch that can be used to turn all lights on or off.

TV camera

Enjoy your daily domestic activities without worrying, as the camera video of the playground can be displayed on  your TV screen to keep an eye on the children playing in the yard.