Energy efficiency: Energy class of buildings is B.

Heating: The heat supply source of buildings is central heating, every apartment has underfloor heating.

Ventilation: The apartment-based ventilation equipment. The kitchen extractor  compatible with the system will be installed by the purchaser, the kitchen extractor is operated through the main unit. The ventilation equipment is generally installed in the entry or to the separate wardrobe on the wall.

Water and sewerage: The hot water circulation system has been designed for the hot water pipeline. Each apartment has a separate remote readable hot and cold water meters.

Electricity: The capacity of electricity in the apartments with sauna is 3x25A, elsewhere 3x20A. The sockets and switches are installed. Electricity is measured by two-system electric meters of apartments. Direct contract with Elektrilevi OÜ.

Data and security systems: The buildings has a IP videophonosystem to which the doorbells of front door are connected. The living room of each apartment has an IR sensor with cabling and 1 smoke sensor. Later the client can install extra IR sensors, smoke sensors, connect the magnetic door contact, install security equipment and join the company providing security services.

The cat6 data communication cabling is installed for connecting computer network and TV.

Constructive solution

Truss of buildings: The buildings have partly bearing concrete internal walls and all concrete external walls. The inserted ceilings are of concrete hollow panels. The external walls of the highest floors are light walls, the roof ceiling has also light construction.

Bearing partitions of apartments: The concrete walls with soundproofing of 55dB.

Non-bearing partitions of apartments: The light carcass has gypsum plasterboard partitions with mineral wool filling.

Inserted ceilings: Ferroconcrete hollow panels.

Facade: The facade material at Filmi 7 is larch treated with iron sulphate. The facade material at Filmi 5 and Tuukri 64 is light thin-wall plaster.

Windows and balcony doors: Wood aluminium windows. The streetside windows with increased noise insulation of Rw 40 db, the yard side windows Rw 36db. Each living room has at least 1 openable window.

Doors: The front doors of the buildings are painted glass doors with aluminium profile. The front doors of the apartments are veneered wooden doors. The internal doors of apartments are based on the finishing package.

Lifts: Carrying capacity 535 kg, speed 1 m/s.

Height of rooms: Living rooms 2.65-2.7m, entry, washing room and in the areas of suspended ceilings 2.35-2.4m.


Walls: according to the interior finishing package.
Ceilings: the concrete ceilings are caulked and painted white. The entries and sanitary rooms have suspended ceiling of gypsum plasterboard. According to the plan of suspended ceiling the cornices of the suspended ceilings are also in the rooms.

Floors: according to the interior finishing package.

Sanitary equipment: according to the interior finishing package.

*The pictures are illustrative and could differ of the finally developing living environment


  • The streetside windows meet the increased noise insulation requirements and the southern and western windows have increased sun protection.
  • 5-grooved cable is installed between the lights and switches which enables the use of special lamps and dimmers.
  • Power outlets will be installed to the corner balconies to use heaters and other appliances.
  • IP-based videophono system is installed which enables to open the door by your smartphone.
  • Energy saving heat collectors are installed.
  • The possibility to regulate the heating regime by room, through the central processing unit and smart devices (the cost of central processing unit is not included).
  • The saunas can be fitted with remote controlled heaters
  • There is a possibility to install mirror heating in the bathrooms.
  • The charger of electric car can be installed to the parking places for an extra fee.